Car Crash In Annapolis Involving Stolen Car Kills One Man And Puts Two People In The Hospital

In Annapolis, Maryland, a deadly car accident on Aris T. Allen Boulevard brought traffic to a halt for over four hours last Saturday. According to an Annapolis police spokesperson, a stolen white Volvo sedan had been speeding east on the boulevard near the Vineyard Road intersection when it crossed over the grassy median and hit a green Toyota SUV going westbound.

The passenger in the Volvo was declared dead at the accident scene, while the driver of the stolen vehicle was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. The driver of the SUV was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center. Both drivers were in critical condition when they were admitted.

Because of the extensive traffic, motorists were forced to turn onto side roads to get to their destination. Aris T. Allen had to be closed on both sides following the accident. The traffic was diverted to other roads, which created gridlock in other parts of the city.

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