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The man who survived the force of gravity when he fell 47 stories while getting ready to wash the windows of a Manhattan building plans to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company that installed the scaffolding that broke, as well as the skyscraper’s management company.

37-year-old window washer Alcides Moreno says it just wasn’t his time to die after he dropped more than 500 feet to land on the ground and lived to tell his tale.

The catastrophic work accident occurred on December 7 while Alcides and his brother Edgar were cleaning windows on the Upper East Side. Edgar died of his injuries.

Doctors say the fact that Alcides even survived is a miracle. He has already undergone nine surgeries and is starting to talk. More surgeries are expected.

Alcides arrived in the ER at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, abdominal injuries, chest injuries, and fractures to his legs, ribs, and one of his arms. He received 19 blood plasma units 24 units of blood. Alcides is expected to make a slow but substantial recovery.

According to the Department of Buildings, the scaffolding the two men were standing on fell because the cables connecting it to the roof snapped. The two brothers had previously voiced concerns about the safety conditions at the building, located on E. 66th St.

Solow Management Corp is the building’s management company and Trachtel Group is the company that installed the scaffolding. The Moreno brothers worked for City Wide Window Cleaning.

If you are seriously injury in a work accident anywhere in Maryland or Washington D.C., workers’ compensation guarantees you benefits to pay for medical expenses. However, this does not mean that you should not speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to make sure that you are receiving the maximum benefits for your injuries.

Although you cannot sue your employer for personal injury, there may be other parties that can be held liable for your injuries.

Family, NYC hospital officials describe window washer’s ‘miracle’ recovery, Newsday, January 3, 2008
Hurt window washer will sue, NY DailyNews, January 2, 2008

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A worker was pulled from the rubble of a building basement on Tuesday after a 10-foot-masonry wall collapsed on him. According to Fire Division Chief Jeffrey Segal, the worker sustained injuries but they were not serious.

The building where the worker was found is located at 207 E. Redwood St. and is undergoing major renovations.

Because of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation law, construction workers and other employees injured on the job cannot sue their employer if they are injured in an accident.

Workers’ compensation guarantees employees injury benefits even if the employee was the one at fault in causing the accident. However, just because you file a claim with your company’s insurer does not mean that your claim won’t be denied or the insurer may find a reason for why you should not receive the full scope of benefits that you believe you are entitled to.

An experienced Maryland workers’ compensation lawyer can protect your rights and ensure that you are given the compensation that you are eligible for.

A few important facts to know about Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law:

• For workers’ compensation to cover your injury, your injury must have occurred while you were doing your job.

• In order to avail of workers’ compensation from an employer, you must be an employee of that employer.

• Your injury must have been sustained in a work-related accident.

• If you sustained an occupational disease while at work—even though there was no accident—you are eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation.

Man hurt after wall collapses downtown, Baltimore Sun, November 6, 2007

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law

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Investigators in Barton, Maryland, are trying to determine the cause of the wall collapse that led to the death of two miners on Michael Road. Dale Jones, 51, and Mike Wilt, 38, were both killed on the site last week.

According to Amy Louviere, Mine Safety and Health Administration spokeswoman, the team will look at the accident site, interview mining personnel, try to determine potential causes for the collapse, and look to see whether the conditions at the site where in compliance with federal health and safety standards.

Both Jones and Wilt had been operating heavy equipment at the strip mine when a 125-feet high wall collapsed. The two miners were buried in thousands of tons of earthen materials as a result. The victims were discovered inside their equipment after a three-day intensive search. Autopsies took place at the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office and the two men are believed to have died instantly.

When someone is injured or killed on the job because of negligence, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation laws are there to make sure that employees who are injured on the job are given a specific amount of compensation. They also allow dependents of workers that are killed on the job to receive benefits. Certain laws can protect employers and fellow workers by limiting the amount of liability that can be recovered.

Although workers compensation laws exist to help injured workers and dependents receive their financial recovery, an experienced attorney can help you make sure that you achieve the maximum recovery possible for your injury or loss.

If you are injured on the job or if you have lost someone because of a work-related injury, it is important that you speak to an attorney first before agreeing on a compensation amount with representatives of the company held liable for the injury or their insurance company.

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According to Maryland State Police, a worker in Pittsville, Maryland was injured last week after he fell to the ground from a conveyer belt that was 8.5 feet up in the air.

The worker, Stanford McKenzie, 53, is an employee of Maryland Coastal Supply Company. McKenzie was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been called upon to investigate the accident.

In Maryland, many workers who have been injured on the job because of their job are usually covered by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act. Workers’ compensation provides temporary partial disability benefits, temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and permanent total disability benefits. Workers’ compensation provides injured workers with permanent disability awards, pays for medical bills, and compensates them for lost wages.

Common injuries that can occur on the job:

• Back injuries
• Finger and hand injuries
• Wrist injuries
• Industrial accidents
• Repetitive stress
• Truck accidents
• Exposure to toxic substances
• Occupational illness
• Neck injuries
• Head injuries

If you have been injured at work, it is important that you report the accident and injury right away. You should also speak with a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling workers’ compensation cases. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain the maximum recovery for your claim. If your employer is contesting your claim, an attorney can also represent you and protect your rights. By availing of workers’ compensation, you are not allowed to sue your employer for personal injury. You can, however, still obtain the recovery that you deserve for your pain and suffering or loss.

If you are someone who has lost a loved one due to a work-related accident, you also may be entitled to compensation under the workers’ compensation laws in your state.

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