Family of Baltimore County Woman that Drowned in Apartment Complex Pool Files $100 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In Maryland, the family of Cassandra Blake, is suing Cedar Towers Apartment, American Pool Enterprises, Inc., American Pool Management Inc., Doug Kusher Co., and Westminster Management for $100 million for her wrongful death.

The 23-year-old Baltimore County woman died in 2005 after drowning in the Cedar Towers Apartment complex swimming pool. The lawsuit contends that the lifeguards that were on duty at the time of the accident were unqualified and had only one week’s worth of training.

Blake was visiting a friend at the Cedar Towers complex, and she had gone to the pool with her son, her sister, and other kids. A lifeguard and security guard reportedly told her it was okay to use the pool. At some point, Blake, who could not swim, either fell or was pushed into the deep end of the pool where she drowned.

According to the lawsuit, the children called to the lifeguard for help. Because the pool was murky, he had to use goggles to find Blake. He was unable to resuscitate her. The plaintiffs contend that the lifeguard was not qualified to do his job, that more lifeguards should have been provided, and the pool was poorly maintained, causing the murky water and unsafe conditions to result in Blake’s drowning death. The lawsuit accuses American Pool of hiring Jamaicans to train lifeguards for a week and that even the trainees that didn’t pass the tests were issued licenses.

If you or someone you love died in a pool drowning accident in Maryland, an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer can determine whether you have grounds to file a wrongful death claim against a negligent party. A pool that is poorly maintained or lacks the proper safety measures is considered a premise liability if someone is injured or killed as a result. offers a list of potentially hazard conditions that could render a pool unsafe for use:

• Defective, loose, or missing drain covers.
• Murky water that makes it difficult to see the main drain at the bottom of the pool.
• Inaccurate or missing water depth markers.
• A nonfunctioning or defective recirculation system.

• Human feces or a dead animal in the pool.

Drowned woman’s kin file lawsuit,, August 15, 2008
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