Hopkins’ Gynecologist Videotaped Patient Exams, Resulting in $190 Million Class-Action Settlement

In a truly disturbing case out of John Hopkins, a gynecologist was found to have videotaped the last 25 years of patient gynecological exams. According to a recent article by Bustle.com, roughly 9,000 former patients joined a class action lawsuit, suing the doctor for malpractice. Evidently, that lawsuit has just recently been settled for a total of $190 million. The settlement is the largest of its kind.

Evidently, a search of the doctor’s home in Towson revealed an elaborate system set up to store the 25 years’ worth of images. It is estimated that there were over 1,200 photographs and video clips discovered in the doctor’s home. However, there is no indication that any of the evidence found was for anything but personal use, meaning that it is not believed that they have been uploaded to the internet.

After the charges were filed, the doctor was found dead in his basement. Investigators believe that he took his own life after the evidence against him came to light.

The exact nature of the suit against John Hopkins was that the hospital “breached its common law duties … by negligently failing to investigate, credential, qualify, select, monitor, and supervise its medical personnel, and to discover, stop and report” the doctor.

In its official statement John Hopkins said:

Johns Hopkins sincerely hopes that the conditional class action settlement framework will facilitate a fair resolution of all claims. The decision to engage in settlement discussions is not an admission of wrongdoing by Johns Hopkins. Because of the sensitive nature of the allegations, Johns Hopkins believes that attempting to resolve the claims without protracted litigation is in the best interests of those potentially affected by [the doctor’s] conduct and will help to preserve the privacy of our patients.

Medical Negligence and Malpractice

As is evident from the above case, hospitals can be held liable for the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of their employee doctors. While the case described above is an unusual one, more generic medical negligence occurrences are fairly commonplace in the healthcare industry.

When a doctor fails to take the appropriate precautions, uses poor judgment, or acts unprofessionally, as was the case here, both he and the hospital he works for can be named in a claim for damages. To learn more about medical malpractice in the Maryland area, contact an experienced Maryland malpractice attorney.

Have You Suffered from a Doctor’s Medical Malpractice?

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