Hot Weather May Bring More Maryland Dog Attacks

With summer approaching, now is a good time to remind families that this is the time of year when the number of Maryland dog bite victims can go up. Aside from the fact that more kids and dogs are outside playing, researchers have suggested that dogs may be more likely to feel irritable when the weather is warm.

Recently, five children were rushed to the hospital after they were hurt in a Prince George’s County dog attack. They were getting onto a school bus when an American Bulldog came at them.

Getting hurt in a Maryland dog attack is never fun. Serious injuries can result—especially for young children or elderly victims. Rabies, facial injuries, tissue loss, lacerations, flesh wounds, nerve damage, crush injuries, disfigurement, scarring, sprains, factures, C. canimorsus infections, cellulitis or even death can occur. Dog bite incidents can also be very traumatic experiences and survivors may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or other emotional injuries. These invisible injuries can have just as powerful an effect on the victim as the physical injuries that can result.

Dog owners should make sure that their pets are properly secured and trained so that they don’t inflict serious harm to others. This includes making sure that the animals are up to date on their rabies vaccines and when they are playing outside that there is either a fence around the yard to keep them contained or that they are securely leashed so that they don’t attack anyone.

Maryland Dog Bite Cases

It can be tough to prove liability and obtain compensation for one’s dog bite injuries in the state of Maryland. This is just one reason why working with an experienced Prince George’s County dog attack lawyer is the very important.

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Our Prince George’s County personal injury lawyers have successfully represented many clients who needed to obtain financial recovery for the injuries that they sustained during a Maryland dog attack.

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