Maryland Birthing Malpractice Leaves Devastating Consequences for Parents and Child

Our Baltimore birth injury lawyers are aware of the devastating effects resulting from Maryland birthing malpractice. We also know how important it is to obtain financial recovery from all liable parties.

Serious injuries sustained from birth can disable a child for life and strapping his/her chances of leading a normal life, while strapping parents with hefty, nearly impossible to afford medical and long-term care expenses. It is important that you work with an experienced Maryland medical malpractice law firm that knows how to prove negligence.

Examples of injuries that can occur from birthing negligence:
• Vacuum injuries
• Cerebral palsy
• Hypoxia
• Developmental delays
• Forceps injuries
• Shoulder dystocia
• Brain injuries
• Wrongful death
Examples of common types of medical mistakes that may occur:
• Rushing to deliver the baby
• Failure to monitor vitals
• Failure to provide appropriate prenatal care
• Failure to test for fetal abnormalities
• Waiting too long to deliver the baby via C-section
• Anesthesia errors

Unfortunately, many hospitals and medical professionals will deny allegations of birthing malpractice.

A recent birthing malpractice case that made national headlines is the one in which the jury awarded a couple $58 million. Dominic and Cathy D’Attilo’s son was Daniel was born with severe birth injuries, including brain damage. They accused Dr. Richard Viscarello of waiting too long to perform a C-section. Daniel, now 8, is unable to walk or talk.

$58 Million Awarded To Connecticut Couple In Delayed C-Section Case, CBS, May 26, 2011

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