Maryland State Police Cites Driver Error As Major Reason For Traffic Accidents

The Maryland State Police regularly put together a record of traffic accidents that occur on Maryland roads and categorize them by routes. Routes most often cited for where accidents often occur include the following areas:

· Interstate 695 in Baltimore County
· Maryland 2 in Anne Arundel County
· U.S. 40 in Harford County
· U.S. 140 in Carroll County
· Interstate 95 in Howard County
According to David Buck, a spokesperson for the Maryland State Highway Administration, 90% of traffic motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver error, and “a road is only as dangerous as a driver makes it.”

In order to avoid unnecessary driver error, a number of driving experts offer a number of recommendations, including the following:

· Signaling before turning
· Merging carefully
· Staying within the proper speed limit
· Changing lanes safely
· Following the laws
· Not driving under the influence

Careless driving can lead to injuries and death if a driver is not careful while on the road. If a driver hurts or kills someone because of their negligent or careless actions on the road, he or she may be liable for personal injury or wrongful death damages filed on behalf of the victims or their surviving family members.

A number of kinds of serious physical injuries can occur to a person during a car crash, motorcycle accident, or truck collision, including the following:

· Nerve damage
· Dislocated or broken limbs or bones
· Spinal chord paralysis
· Limb amputation
· Severe burns
· Head injuries
· Neck injuries

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Driver error is large factor in list of accident-prone routes,, February 16, 2007

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