In Maryland, Two Recent Motorcycle Crashes Are Investigated By Police

Maryland State Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that took place last weekend in Oxon Hill. On Sunday night, Cornell Riddick was pronounced dead at the scene after his motorcycle spun out of control and hit a guardrail while he was approaching a ramp from Interstate 295 South onto Highway 210. The passenger riding on the back of his motorcycle survived the crash.

Just the day before, Sandra Lundregan, 62, sustained head injuries, despite wearing a helmet, when she lost control of her bike while driving on Pysell Crosscut Road in Garrett County, Maryland. Lundregan landed in a ditch where she was thrown off her bike. Loose surface on the road is said to have caused the accident.

Some common causes for motorcycle accidents:

– Insufficient riding skills.
– Lack of knowledge about how to operate a motorcycle.
– Failure to take proper safety precautions.
– Failure to drive defensively.

– Failure to follow speed limit.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says that in 2002, motorcyclists fatalities represented 8% of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. A motorcycle-related death or injury caused by another person’s negligence can be grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

TO DO tips when operating a motorcycle on the road:

– Always wear a helmet.
– Read your owner’s manual
– Wear eye protection
– Wear the right shoes, gloves, and clothes
– Know traffic rules and regulations that apply to motorcycle riding
– Obtain your learner’s permit before taking your motorcycle on the road
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