In Washington D.C., Metro Bus Driver Is Fired After Two Pedestrians Are Killed On Valentine’s Day

Victor Z. Kolako, the Metro bus driver who has been charged with two counts of negligent homicide for the death of two pedestrians in downtown Washington D.C. on Valentine’s Day, has been fired by Metro.

Kolako had struck Sally Dean McGee, 54, and Martha Stringer Schoenborn, 59, at Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The two women were crossing the street in the crosswalk while the “walk” sign was, on after leaving work at the Federal Trade Commission, when they were hit by the bus that Kolako was driving.

Kolako, 53, had been a Metro bus driver since 2000. Metro General Manager John B. Catoe says that Metro will start monitoring its bus drivers for moving violations while on duty and will coordinate its efforts with DMV’s in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

Bus drivers are driving “common carriers” and are, by law, obligated to make sure that they drive with the utmost caution while making sure that the passengers they are carrying on the bus and others on the road are safe.

If you have been injured or someone you love has been killed because of a negligent bus driver, it is important that you speak with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in dealing with bus accidents.

Public buses are usually owned or run by county, city, or regional transportation departments. This means that a public bus driver may very likely also be a government employee. Obtaining your recovery from the insurance company of a local government or a bus company can be much more complicated than dealing with the insurance company of a car driver. You want to ensure that your rights are protected and every avenue of recovery is explored.

Some of the injuries that can occur during a bus accident:

• Spinal cord injuries
• Internal injuries
• Broken bones, fractures, and sprains
• Burn injuries
• Head injuries
• Brain trauma

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