Two People Injured After Major Collision On Jones Fall Expressway In Maryland

Baltimore city police say that two people were hurt after a GEO Prism traveling in the fast lane on the North Avenue overpass on the Jones Fall Expressway rear-ended a 1997 Chevy van and subsequently became involved in another collission.

The two drivers had agreed to move to the shoulder of the road to exchange details when the van was hit by a Mitsubishi Montero. The van then swung into the Geo Prism, which then struck the Jersey wall and partially fell over the barrier before resting on the roadway. The passenger and the driver of the Geo Prism both had to be rescued, and the driver was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center with severe head wounds and in reportedly critical condition. The cause of the collision is being investigated.

Head, neck, and back injuries are among the more common kinds of injuries that can occur during a car accident.

If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, it is important that you speak to a personal injury attorney right away. The insurance company of the other party will likely want to speak with you, and you will not be able to accurately judge how much it will cost for you to recover from your injury without the help of an experienced lawyer.

In addition to the costs of current treatment, surgery ,or other types of medical care needed for your recovery, there may be lost wages (from time taken off work) and future therapy or surgery that will have to be factored into consideration. A personal injury attorney can protect your rights and make sure that your interests are protected if you have been injured because of another’s negligence.

You will also want your own attorney to investigate the cause of the accident and provide evidence that can help your case. A good personal injury lawyer will work with top experts to investigate the accident scene, assess the damage to your vehicle, estimate what it may cost for you to recover, as well as figure out how many negligent parties are liable for your accident and injury.

You will also want to work with an attorney who is successful at winning trials in the event that your lawsuit ends up in court. A good personal injury attorney will help you obtain the maximum recovery possible for your case.

The personal injury law firm of Lebowitz and Mzhen represents clients in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area who have been injured in a personal injury accident because another person was negligent. Please contact us if you have been injured. We are an experienced personal injury law firm that has helped many of victims recover the maximum recovery possible for their cases.

Driver in critical condition after JFX accident,, April 3, 2007

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