Lawsuit Filed in Helicopter Crash Death of 3 Year Old Boy

The mother of a 3 year old boy who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash last month in northeastern Pennsylvania was the first to file a lawsuit in connection with the accident. She is seeking unspecified damages from two aviation companies and the pilot’s estate.

The plaintiff sued Virginia-based Hampton Roads Charter Service, alleging that the company acted negligently in leasing the five seat helicopter to the pilot. All five individuals aboard the helicopter were killed in the crash, which occurred just 30 minutes after take-off.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that the pilot failed to follow federal regulations when he initiated a flight in low-visibility conditions, a condition in which he was not certified to fly. The NTSB further stated that he also failed to file a flight plan for the trip or obtain a weather briefing.

The lawsuit also names the pilot’s estate and the helicopter company for whom the pilot worked as defendants. The helicopter company claims that the pilot was not working for them at the time of the accident.

Many times, as potentially appears to be the case in this incident, an accident is not just an accident. Unfortunately, some accidents that result in tragedy are the result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Even though the victim of the negligence may not be able to bring a claim on their own behalf, sometimes the family members of the deceased accident victim may still be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit, in order to hold the responsible parties legally accountable.

In the state of Maryland, the Maryland Wrongful Death Statute governs wrongful death claims. The wrongful death lawsuit can be brought by the victim’s surviving family members. The claim seeks to compensate the family members for the loss of the victim’s life and his or her companionship, love, and financial support that the family would have received had the victim not died.

Under the Maryland statute, only a child, a parent or a spouse of the deceased may bring a wrongful death claim. If there are no surviving beneficiaries, a secondary beneficiary may be able to recover, but only under certain limited circumstances.

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