Maryland Slip and Fall Accident Victims May Face Challenges if They Were Aware of the Hazard Causing Their Fall

When someone slips and falls, causing injuries, they may be entitled to bring a personal injury lawsuit against whoever owns the property or was responsible for leaving it in a hazardous condition. Maryland slip and fall accidents are frequently brought against cleaning companies for failing to post “wet floor” notices, or against grocery store owners who fail to notice or remedy a leak that causes a customer to slip and suffer injuries. However, Maryland residents should be aware that not every slip and fall case leads to a successful personal injury suit.

For example, take a recent slip and fall case decided in a state appellate court. According to the court’s written opinion, the plaintiff was working in an airport when the accident occurred. One evening, after completing her shift, she went to an office elsewhere in the airport to turn in some paperwork and money. As she got off of an escalator, she noticed a man cleaning the airport was to her left and a “wet floor” sign. She turned right and walked towards the office when she slipped and fell. Unfortunately, she landed hard on her right side, striking her head and briefly losing consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she noticed that her clothes were wet. As a result of her fall, she suffered neck and spinal injuries that required surgery.

The plaintiff brought suit against the independent contractor responsible for cleaning the area. Her suit was based on the defendant’s negligence, claiming that they had knowledge of the danger that she did not have but failed to warn her of the hazard of the wet floor. The defendant moved for summary judgment and to have the case dismissed, arguing that the plaintiff also had knowledge of the hazard. The trial court granted their motion, and the plaintiff appealed.

On appeal, the court agreed with the defendant that the plaintiff had equal knowledge of the dangerous condition, and thus could not bring suit. There is plain and undisputed evidence that she saw an employee cleaning the floor when she got off the escalator, and that she saw at least one “wet floor” sign in the area. As such, she knew of the danger, and could not recover against the defendant for failing to warn her.

This case is an example of an unsuccessful slip and fall lawsuit, but many slip and fall cases can be successful. As such, Maryland slip and fall victims are encouraged to explore their options for filing suit shortly after they are injured, to be sure they are getting any monetary compensation to which they are entitled.

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