Maryland Woman Killed When Car Crashes into Restaurant, an Unexpected and Sudden Accident

The tragic thing about Maryland personal injury accidents is that they can happen instantaneously, in the blink of an eye, without any forewarning. While sometimes they may occur in more expected places—such as car accidents occurring while driving on the highway—there are sometimes where Maryland residents are injured, through no fault of their own, out of nowhere. These accidents can be incredibly frustrating for the victim and their families, as they are suddenly injured, have to pay medical bills, might miss work, and may deal with long-lasting physical ailments as well as mental and psychological pain.

For example, take a recent shocking Maryland accident reported by the Baltimore Sun. According to the news article, a car crashed through a front window area of the Parkville Crabs restaurant in Baltimore County one afternoon. It is believed that the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal in the parking lot, causing them to drive through the front of the restaurant unexpectedly. A 35-year-old woman inside was killed after being hit by debris from the crash. Investigators are still looking into the accident and working on an accident reconstruction to figure out exactly what happened, but believe that it was not intentional. Instead, it is thought to be just a tragic and unfortunate mistake.

This fatal accident is just one example of something that can happen unexpectedly and change a life in an instant. While nothing can undo the damage that these accidents cause, and there is no way to fully prevent each and every one from happening in the first place, Maryland state law does at least allow victims one course to recovery. Those injured can file what is called a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent individual or company who caused the accident.

In this case, the victim’s family or estate could file a wrongful death accident against the driver who crashed into the restaurant.

What Happens After a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Wrongful death lawsuits do not result in the individual getting punished or going to prison. Instead, the focus is to try and right the wrong that occurred as best as possible through monetary damages to compensate the victim. So medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even funeral and burial costs may be paid for by the responsible individual, so that the family is not stuck with unexpected and crippling financial strain while also dealing with the physical aftermath of the crash. A personal injury lawsuit may offer some relief then, for struggling Maryland residents and families after an accident.

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