Maryland Attorney Sues Baltimore For Burn Injuries Caused By Fall Accident into Construction Hole

In Maryland, a North Baltimore attorney that sustained serious personal injuries after falling into a construction hole is suing the city, a number of Trigen-Baltimore Energy Corp. entities, Ligon & Ligon Inc., and Johnson Controls Inc. Arianne Spaccarelli sustained serious burn injuries to nearly half her body in the fall accident that occurred in 2005.

In her Maryland personal injury lawsuit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Spaccarelli and her husband Robert Galassi blame the party’s negligence for her fall into the steam pit. The accident occurred at the intersection of Saratoga Street and Guilford Avenue when the couple was walking back to her car after dinner.

Spaccarelli had been walking next to a fenced off construction area, when she fell into the pit. The lawsuit maintains that the construction hole existed beyond the fence. Her husband pulled her out of the hole, but not before she sustained second-and third-degree burns on more than 43% her of her body.

She was admitted to Johns Hopkins Burn Center, where she stayed for one month, and underwent two major surgeries. She also has had to undergo skin grafts, physical therapy, and psychological counseling. Aftereffects from her injuries include depression, itching, disfigurement, and problems sleeping. Galassi, who took time off work to care for Spaccarelli, says he continues to be haunted by what happened to her.

Spaccarrelli has so far accrued $300,000 in medical costs, and future medical bills are expected. According to her personal injury lawyer, she will likely spend over a million dollars in medical and recovery expenses. The 30-year-old staff attorney also has taken time off work because of her injuries and had to withdraw from law school. This caused her to forfeit expenses she’d spent on tuition and books.

While the plaintiffs acknowledge that a recent collision had pushed the fence back from the pit’s perimeter, they also contend that the location of the construction site made it likely that the fence would be hit be a motor vehicle, which rendered the barrier around the hole “inadequate.”
Premises Liability

If you have been injured at a construction site on a public street, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Construction companies and the government entities involved with such a job site are supposed to ensure that the premise is safe for workers and the public. Failure to do so can be grounds for personal injury or wrongful death if someone gets hurt or dies.

Lawyer sues city, Trigen over fall into steam pit, The Daily Record, October 7, 2008

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