Maryland Bicyclist Killed in Baltimore Box Truck Accident Involving Hit and Run Driver

A 67-year-old Baltimore bicyclist is dead after he was fatally struck in a Maryland truck accident. Police are currently searching for the hit-and-run trucker, who left the crash site.

The deadly Maryland bicycle accident occurred at the intersection of West Lafayette and Maryland Avenues. Investigators say that the truck struck Yates as it turned left on West Lafayette. According to witnesses, the cyclist appears to have gotten stuck beneath the truck’s back wheels.

Yates’s fatal injuries included massive trauma to his left leg and abdomen. His wife Ellen said he was on his bike running errands when the deadly Baltimore truck crash happened.

Police are still searching for the box truck driver.

According to Maryland’s State Highway Administration, from 2005 – 2008 about 7 people a year have died in Maryland bicycle accidents.

Proving liability in any kind of Maryland motor vehicle case can be tough and you will need all of the legal help that you can get. Often, when a bicyclist is involved in a traffic crash with another vehicle, it is the cyclist who will have sustained the most serious injuries.

In many cases, these injuries will be catastrophic if not fatal. In addition to medical costs for hospital stays, medical procedures, and rehabilitation expenses, there will also be lost wages to consider for time taken off work, property damage, and possible loss of future earning potential and benefits. It is also impossible to disregard the mental and emotional anguish and trauma that can affect the victim as well as family members.

Whether the responsible party is a driver who remained at the scene or a hit-and-run motorist, you are entitled to the maximum Maryland personal injury recovery possible.

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