Maryland Boat Explosion Hurts 6 Children

Local Maryland authorities reported that late last month, six people were hospitalized in connection with a boat explosion that occurred at a Maryland Marina. Six children aged 13 and younger were injured, according to government officials.

According to one witness’s account, a dad was seen picking kids up and throwing them into the water, in addition to people frantically scrambling to get off of the boat as quickly as possible. People then tried to swim from the boat back to the dock for safety. As black smoke billowed out the back of the boat, the same dad reportedly attempted to throw life vests to the children in the water below.

Two of the children were then transported to the Johns Hopkins burn center for treatment. Thankfully, no one suffered life-threatening injuries.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police is leading the investigation into the accident. So far, authorities know that the boat–with its nine passengers–refueled at the marina, and the boat then stalled when it left the dock shortly after noon. The explosion reportedly occurred when the captain of the 32 foot vessel attempted to refire the engines.

The incident took place at the Oak Grove Marina near Edgewater, Maryland, which is approximately 30 minutes east of Washington on the South River. The cause of the explosion remains unknown.

This case is an important reminder for all individuals who are planning on being passengers on a boat over the summer to remain aware of boat safety procedures. For example, wearing a life vest during the ride could have been potentially helpful in this situation, particularly where children are involved. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have an evacuation plan in place, should an accident or other issue arise necessitating immediate exit.

It remains unclear whether the explosion was the result of an inherent issue, such as those presented in products liability situations, or whether it had something to do with negligent maintenance of the boat. The reason for the explosion could potentially provide a basis for the victims of the accident to seek redress from the operator of the boat. Especially if this was some sort of commercial excursion, whereby the business in charge of operating the boat would be legally responsible for ensuring the safety of its passengers. In this case, possibly recoverable expenses would include things such as hospital bills, pain and suffering, and compensation for any potential future medical expenses or treatments the injuries may require. An experienced personal injury attorney can help discuss your unique circumstances, and determine what sorts of claims you may be eligible to bring.

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