Maryland Couple that Were Seriously Injured when House Collapsed on Them Plan to Sue Chesapeake Beach and Calvert County

Attorneys for Frank and Karen Hudson, the couple that was seriously injured when the house under construction next door fell on their home, have notified Calvert County and Chesapeake Bay that a personal injury lawsuit will be filed against them. The accident happened during a storm on May 11.

According to the notification letter, the municipality should have know that the home under construction, owned by Frank Leniek, was faulty and did not conform to federal, local, and state building codes, thereby posing an unreasonable injury risk to third parties. The letter also notes that neighbors had complained to county and town officials on more than one occasion that there was a problem with the home.

Following the accident, town and county representatives said Leniek‚Äôs home did not violate his zoning or building permits. Neighbors had asked that Leniek’s building permit be taken away, but the Calvert County Board and County Commissioners have refused to grant their request.

Personal Injury Cases

Injuries caused by another party can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A good personal injury law firm will know how to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident. There may be more than one liable party, which means you could be entitled to financial recovery from more than one source.

Many times, insurers of negligent parties will try to settle a case as soon as possible even before an injury victim knows how much money it will cost for medical and recovery expenses. Exploring your legal options by speaking with a Maryland injury attorney allows you to take care of yourself and your family.

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