Maryland Medical Malpractice and Fraud Alleged in 101 Claims Against Towson Hospital

A Towson medical malpractice lawyer has filed claims on behalf of 101 patients accusing St. Joseph Medical Center and its former cardiologist Dr. Mark G. Midei of Maryland medical negligence, conspiracy, and fraud. Midei is accused of conducting hundreds of unnecessary cardiac stent procedures. Up to $30,000 is being sought for each count.

Midei is accused of falsifying medical records so that it would seem as if patients were suffering from clogged arteries. He would then insert mesh stents into their healthy veins. The cardiologist, who made $1.3 million from the Towson hospital during the 2009 fiscal year, denies the allegations.

After finding out about the allegations of Towson medical medical malpractice against Midei, St. Joseph removed him from duty and began investigating. The hospital also issued warning letters to approximately 600 patients letting them know that they may have undergone an unnecessary medical procedure to insert a stent that they didn’t need.

No criminal charges have been filed against Midei at this time. However, this summer, a physician oversight board filed professional charges against the cardiologist accusing him of violations related to state law, including “gross overutlization of health care services.”
Cardiac Stent Procedure
For a patient to have to undergo a stent insertion procedure, he/she should be suffering from artery blockage by at least 70%. A stent insertion procedure, even when necessary, does come with risks. Health complications, including the risk of stroke, heart attack, coronary artery damage, and the need for bypass surgery can result. A patient that has undergone a stent procedure will usually have to take a blood thinner, which also comes with its own possible side effects.

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