Maryland Multi-Auto Crash on I-70 Involving 42 Motor Vehicles Results in Multiple Injuries and at Least 2 Fatalities

A deadly multi-auto collision on I-70 in Washington County on Monday has resulted in multiple injuries and at least two fatalities. Maryland State Police say at least 7 tractor-trailers and 35 passenger cars were involved in the midday accident.

About 45 people were taken to a Red Cross shelter following the crash, which police are partially attributing to the snowy weather. Many of the accident survivors sustained bumpers and bruises. Some 12 people who were seriously injured were transported to Washington County Hospital.

The 40-plus auto pileup was just one of several Maryland multi-vehicle accidents to occur on icy roads. In Harford County, some 20 auto accidents had occurred by yesterday night, including a four-auto collision and another accident involving a car striking a guardrail.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Filing a claim for injuries you sustained during a multi-motor vehicle crash can be a complicated process and one that may require the insight of an experienced Maryland motor vehicle attorney with the knowledge and resources to pursue your compensation.

There may be multiple liable parties. There may be key evidence that can only be properly examined by accident reconstructionists and medical experts. A good personal injury attorney will have access to these experts.

Driving in Snow, Ice, or Rain

Even though poor weather conditions can contribute to causing a Maryland auto crash, there are steps that motorists can take to prevent auto accidents from happening.

• Decrease your speed
• Brake gently
• Turn on your lights during times of poor visibility
• Don’t activate your cruise control when the roads are icy
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