Maryland Police Promote Safety To Prevent Boat Accidents

As the boating season begins on Maryland’s waters this year, Maryland National Resources Police (NRP) have been working hard to educate people on practicing boating safety. Over Memorial Weekend, more than 16,000 boaters were checked by the NRP who issued 504 citations and 1846 warnings. They also held a National Boating Safety Week last month to promote safety precautions on a boat.

More than a dozen people die in Maryland each year due to boating-related accidents. In 2005, 14 people died and over 128 people were injured while riding a boat.

Nationally, in 2002, there were almost 6,000 boating accidents that led to 750 fatalities, over 4000 injuries, and over 39 million dollars in property damages.

The most common types of boats involved in boating accident/injury cases:
· Open motorboats
· Personal watercrafts
· Cabin motorboats
Some Causes For Boating Accidents:
· Capsizing
· Falls Overboard
· Collisions
· Sinking/Flooding
· Explosions
· Disappearance
· Fire
A boating accident must be reported if:
· A life is lost due to the accident
· Someone is injured and requires medical attention beyond first aid
· There is damage by or to the vessel and other property

· Any person on board a vessel disappears (under circumstances indicating possible death or injury)

The Maryland National Resources Police has made the following recommendations to ensure boating safety on Maryland’s waters:

· Wear an approved and properly fitted personal flotation device (PFD) at all times while aboard.
· Know and obey navigation rules, operate your boat at a safe speed and maintain a proper lookout.
· Stay in control of your vessel and respect the rights of others.
· Ensure that your boat is never overloaded.
· Leave a float plan with someone at home describing where you are going, who you are with, and when you expect to return.

· Remain sober and alert-remember the use of alcohol contributes to accidents on the water.

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