Maryland Takes Part In Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Federal, state, and local agencies have designated the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to remind drivers and motorcyclists to “Share the Road” safely and keep motorcyclists safe.

In 2007, one out of every nine traffic accident fatalities was a motorcyclist. 4,810 motorcyclists died in 2006. While the number of car and truck accident deaths has declined, motorcyclist fatalities are on the rise.

Recent studies indicate that about 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injuries or death for the motorcyclists or their passengers—compared to 20% of other kinds of motor vehicle crashes.

In Maryland recent motorcycle accidents include:

In April, a motorcyclist (and his passenger) was critically injured after he crashed his bike to avoid colliding with a large farm sprayer.

In another accident last month, a motorist was seriously injured after almost crashing into a Dodge pick-up truck.

Beginning June 1, 2008, a new Maryland law goes into effect that will allow motorcyclists to place light emitting diode (LED) pods and strips so that other drivers can see them. The accent lighting will hopefully reduce the number of motorcycle injuries and deaths at night on Maryland roads.

Maryland Senate Bill 713 also lets motorcyclists use blue dot illumination on the backs of motorcycles.

According to ABATE of Maryland, Inc, the largest association of motorcycle riders, the majority of motorcycle accidents happen because the driver of the vehicle didn’t see the motorcyclist or was at fault in some other way.

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