Maryland Teen Driver Is Accused of Killing Elderly Male Jogger in Salisbury

Maryland State Police say that Robert Michael Littleton, 19, struck and killed a jogger on Tuesday night while driving on Union Church Road in Salisbury.

Fred Kiviat, 67, was jogging northbound near the southbound shoulder when he was allegedly hit by Littleton, who was driving a Pontiac Firebird. Police say that the teenager’s car crossed the centerline and hit Kiviat from the back. Kiviat was declared dead at the accident scene.

Littleton faces criminal charges for being a minor in possession of alcoholic beverages and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. A blood test has been administered to Littleton, and he could end up facing other charges related to the car accident.

In accidents where a person has been injured or killed because another person acted negligently, the victim or the family of the deceased may be able to file a personal injury claim (or wrongful death lawsuit) against the liable party.

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Unlike a criminal case, a civil lawsuit is a civil action that allows a plaintiff to file a complaint and obtain legal remedies. The lawsuit is argued over in a courtroom by personal injury attorneys representing both sides (the plaintiff’s side and the defendant’s side). If the plaintiff wins the lawsuit, the judge is authorized to award damages, issue injunctions, and enforce the rights of the plaintiff.

Maryland Vehicle Law says that pedestrians have a number of responsibilities on the road that can help them stay safe, including:

• Not leave a curb or place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle so closely that the driver cannot yield.
• “Use due care and caution” to avoid injury.
• Follow all traffic control signals, including not crossing once a signal light turns yellow.
• Yield if not crossing in a marked crosswalk, using “greatest care for his/her own protection.”
• Walk facing traffic if no sidewalk is available.

• Yield to emergency vehicles using audible signals.

Motor vehicle drivers must:

• Check for pedestrians “where they are expected”
• Warn pedestrians with a horn if necessary

• Exercise caution towards any child or “obviously incapacitated” pedestrian.

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