Maryland Woman Reaches Medical Malpractice Settlement with Baltimore Hospital and Doctor

In Baltimore County Circuit Court, Donna Jankowski reached a confidential medical malpractice settlement with Franklin Square Hospital Center and Dr. Diaa Mikhail. The settlement was reached on July 18 on the 5th day of their medical malpractice lawsuit trial.

Jankowiak had sued the Baltimore hospital and Mikhail for medical malpractice, alleging that they failed to diagnose her heart condition. The Dundalk woman went to Mikhail in November 24 because she was experiencing pain going from her arm to her chest.

In her medical malpractice lawsuit, filed last year, Jankowiak says that Mikhail conducted an EKG and said the results normal. Jankowiak then sought help at the Franklin Square emergency room where she had another electrocardiogram. These EKG results also were reportedly normal, according to the hospital.

Six hours later, at another hospital, Jakowiak underwent a third EKG. This time, results came back abnormal. Jankowiak was suffering from a myocardial infarction, which has resulted in permanent heart damage. She has had to undergo surgeries and other medical treatments as a result of her condition.

Failure to Diagnose

Failing to diagnose an illness or condition can cause a patient’s condition to grow worse. His or her chances of survival may decrease if a diagnosis is missed completely or is delayed because of an initial failure to diagnose. Many conditions that could have been easily treated can become progressively worse because of a failure to diagnose, and a patient may have to undergo surgeries and other invasive and/or painful procedures that he or she could otherwise have avoided. Failure to diagnose a condition can also result in a patient’s death.

Failure to diagnose is a common kind of medical malpractice. In Maryland and Washington DC, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help you with your case.

Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Against Baltimore Hospital and Doctor,, July 28, 2008

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