Motorist that Crashed into Crowd at Illegal Street Race in Maryland Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

In Maryland, a grand jury has indicted Tavon Taylor and Darren James Bullock on eight counts of vehicular manslaughter, as well as charges of engaging in a speed contest and reckless driving. Eight people died in the deadly motor vehicle accident last February in Prince George’s County, while eight others sustained injuries.

The two men are accused of illegally racing each other on Indian Head Highway before they ran into the crowd that was watching another illegal race. The victims were among the many spectators.

While Maryland authorities have accused Bullock of driving his car into the crowd, they have refused to say whether Taylor struck anyone with his car. A surveillance camera shows Bullock and Taylor speeding with their headlights off at speeds as high as 110mph. At Taylor’s bond hearing this week, the prosecution accused Taylor of “repeatedly deceiving” authorities about what happened. The defense attorneys for both men say that their clients never meant to hurt anyone.

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Speeding Facts

• According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 13,192 people died in speeding-related accidents in 2004.

• The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that after a number of states increased their speed limits in 1996, the number of motor vehicle deaths on Interstate highways increased by about 15%.

Driver Who Hit Crowd, Killing 8, Is Charged,, July 30, 2008
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