MVA Announces New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Maryland Car Accidents

In 2023, Maryland roadway fatalities were at the highest the state has seen since 2007. In response, the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles Administration (MVA) recently announced several New Year’s resolutions aimed at reducing the number of accidents in the state. In a recent news article, an MVA administrator discussed the agency’s plan to prioritize Maryland drivers’ safety in the new year.

How is the MTA Trying to Reduce Car Accidents?

First, the MVA has asked Maryland drivers to create a MyMVA account, which allows drivers to access their vehicle information in real time. For example, MyMVA displays drivers’ REAL ID status, emission deadline, and copies of correspondences between drivers and the MVA. The account also allows drivers to complete transactions online, which eliminates the need to go to a branch office in-person. Similarly, the MVA has advised enrolling in Maryland Mobile ID. This smartphone application helps drivers keep their personal information secure, including their driver’s license or other state-issued identification card. The MVA hopes to expand this service in the new year.

The MVA has also asked drivers to take several steps to ensure their vehicles are road-ready. First, the MVA has instructed drivers to check for vehicle recalls, which an authorized dealership will repair for free. Staying up-to-date on vehicle recalls allows drivers to ensure their vehicles are working properly, which may reduce the risk of an accident caused by a vehicle malfunction. Drivers should also understand roadside safety and make sure their vehicles are in good working condition. Finally, drivers must find the right seats for children. Not all car seats are appropriate for all children. Factors like the child’s age, height, and weight may impact the car seat that will best protect your child in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, the MVA has reminded drivers of Maryland’s Move Over Law. Under this law, all drivers must slow down or changes lanes when approaching any stopped or parked vehicle displaying warning signals, such as hazard lights. The law also applies to vehicles in work zones and requires drivers to obey caution signs in these areas. In addition to these safety resolutions, the MVA has asked drivers to make a voluntary donation to support the environment, exercise general caution when operating their vehicles, and use the word “crash” instead of “accident” to emphasize the ways in which unsafe driving is a preventable choice.

Have You Been Hurt in a Maryland Car Accident?

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