Six Construction Workers Killed in Fatal DUI Highway Crash

Dangers of Driving Under the Influence in Maryland

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only dangerous but highly illegal. The chances of crashes and fatal accidents increase when drivers are inhibited because they are less able to react to dangerous road conditions and generally exercise poor judgment when driving. Drivers operating under the influence make bad driving decisions, misjudge driving maneuvers, and are unable to fully concentrate on the road. Unfortunately, Maryland drivers are no exception to this trend and are all too familiar with the dangers of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence. According to a Center for Disease Control (CDC) study, Maryland drivers reported driving after drinking at a higher rate than the national reporting rate. In fact, between 2009 and 2018, 1,515 people were killed in alcohol-involved crashes in Maryland. The CDC has found that over 10,000 people per year die in such crashes throughout the country. Recent local news coverage discussed a fatal DUI crash that tragically resulted in six deaths.

According to the news coverage about the recent crash, the accident occurred on March 22 when two drivers were driving at excessive speeds. One of the cars clipped the other car as it attempted to change lanes, sending it careening into a construction site. The first car was traveling at 121 mph at the time of the collision, while the car that was changing lanes was traveling at 108 mph when it was clipped. Maryland State Police identified six construction workers who were killed in the collision. As a result of the crash, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore created a work group to create safety changes for construction work zones.

Does My Negligence Affect My Maryland Case?

Contributory Negligence is a legal concept found in Maryland that potentially prevents plaintiffs in an accident case from receiving recovery for injuries resulting from a crash if their negligence contributed to the accident to any degree. Essentially, even if the negligence of the operator of another vehicle is largely responsible for the accident if the plaintiff was even a little negligent, it is possible they will not be able to recover compensation. In Maryland, contributory negligence is interpreted very broadly, allowing minor negligence by the plaintiff in personal injury cases to defeat even very strong legal claims.

Have You Been Hurt in a Maryland Car Accident?

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