NHTSA Says Motorcycle Deaths Rose for the Ninth Straight Year In 2006

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reporting that 4,810 motorcyclists died in deadly highway crashes in 2006—a number that grew for the ninth year in a row.

Over one of every nine road fatalities in 2006 involved a motorcycle rider. The NHTSA is providing this information to prepare motorists for “Share the Road,” Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which takes place in May.

Motorcyclists continue to likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents for a number of reasons, including:

• The smaller size of a motorcycle can make it more difficult for other drivers to see.
• It is sometimes hard to gage how fast a motorcycle is moving.

• Motorcycle riders don’t have anything except for protective clothing standing between their bodies and the impact of a collision.

To prevent motorcycle accidents, The NHTSA recommends that car drivers, truck drivers, and bus drivers do the following:

• Allow a motorcyclist the full lane width.
• Always signal your intentions.
• Check your blind spots.

• Allow more following distance when you are driving behind a motorcycle.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration provides a list of protective gear for motorcyclists:

• The DOT (Department of Transportation)-approved Helmet, which is mandatory for all motorcyclists riding in Maryland.
• Approved eye protection (Also mandatory for Maryland riders)
• A long-sleeved jacket or shirt
• Over-the-ankle shoes/boots
• Long pants made with sturdy material
• Full-fingered gloves

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