Retired Army Nurse Sued For Medical Malpractice Over Allegedly Spreading Hepatitis

Retired Army captain Jon Dale Jones is being sued for personal injury by several people who claim that he infected them with hepatitis. He was arrested in March on federal charges of assault and possession of a controlled substance by fraud.

Staff Sgt. Ivan James Westrick and at least seven others are suing Jones and the nursing agency that employed him when he was working at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, where the infection was spread.

At least 7 other military service members or their family members say that they were infected with the disease because of Jones. According to federal prosecutors, Jones spread the disease in 2004 when he diverted fentanyl, often used as anesthesia, from patients to himself during surgeries at the El Paso, Texas military hospital.

Victims include an active-duty soldier, a retired Army chief warrant officer, a former Fort Bliss commanding general, and the wife of a retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeant.

Jones has pled not guilty to the charges and denies using dirty needles during the procedures.

The plaintiffs say that having Hepatitis C has forced them to undergo lengthy and aggressive medical procedures.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is caused by the Hepatitis virus that can be transmitted via blood transfusions. According to court records, Jones tested positive for Hepatitis C following the outbreak. After the outbreak, Jones was taken off the surgery unit but continued working as a nurse at the Texas hospital and later at other hospitals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not link Jones to the outbreak until after he stopped working at the El Paso hospital. He was arrested in Florida, where he had opened up his own business, Jones Anesthesia, LLC.

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