Personal Injury Lawsuit Claims Victoria’s Secret Bras Caused Hives, Rashes, and Permanent Scars

Personal injury lawyers for a woman who is suing Victoria’s Secret for injuries she says she suffered from using the brand’s Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up and Angels Secret Embrace bras say that tests they ordered show that bras from those lines contain formaldehyde, which is used in embalming. They think that their client, Roberta Ritter, is allergic to the chemical.

Ritter, who sued the company in May, says she sustained itchy, inflamed, and blistery welts after using the bras. Since then, dozens of other woman have come forward claiming that they experienced the same injuries after using the Victoria’s Secret bras. At least two other products liability lawsuits have been filed. Class action status is pending.

The bras have not been pulled off store shelves, but a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret says the company is investigating the complaints. Victoria’s Secret denies that any of their bras contain formaldehyde.

This isn’t the only personal injury lawsuit accusing Victoria’s Secret of products liability. In June, another woman filed a personal injury lawsuit seeking unspecified damages from the company because of injuries she says she sustained due to a thong malfunction.

Clothing manufacturers and distributors are supposed to make sure that their clothes are not made with any materials that could cause injury, allergy, infection, or death to wearers. Failure to insure their clothing is free from hazardous defects can be grounds for a Maryland products liability claim or wrongful death lawsuit.

Other injuries that can occur as a result of defective clothing include:

• Burn injuries, from clothing made from flammable material.
• Allergic reactions to toxic substances.
• Strangulation hazards.

• Choking hazards.

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Lawsuit Claims Victoria’s Secret Bras Cause Rashes, HivesLawsuit Claims Victoria’s Secret Bras Cause Rashes, Hives, Fox News, November 11, 2008

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