Pick-Up Truck Driver Charged with Attempted Murder after Crashing into 20 Vehicles

Earlier this week in Cambridge, Maryland, several people were injured when a pick-up truck towing two jet skis caused an accident involving roughly 20 other vehicles. According to one local news source, the accident took place on a Monday evening, just before nine o’clock, on Locust Street.

Evidently, the truck was driving with a trailer in tow when it started colliding with several other cars on the road, both occupied and unoccupied. Eventually, the truck lost control and ended up striking a marked police car head-on. The driver of the truck did sustain serious injuries and was flown to Peninsula Medical Center in Salisbury. The police officer whose car was hit was also taken to the hospital, and he is expected to make a full recovery with time. Those seem to be the only serious injuries.

After police caught up with the truck’s driver, they arrested him. He has since been charged with attempted murder and several other charges relating to the accident. Police are also awaiting toxicology reports to see if drugs or alcohol may have been a factor in what certainly seems to be an odd accident.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Maryland

Thankfully, no one was fatally injured in the accident described above. However, that is not always going to be the case in DUI accidents. In fact, of the roughly 500 traffic fatalities in Maryland in 2012, about 190 of them involved alcohol. That means that alcohol-related fatalities account for about 37% of all traffic fatalities in the State of Maryland.

Of course, not only is drunk driving dangerous, but it is also against the law in the State of Maryland. Drivers who have been found to have caused an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may face both criminal sanctions as well as civil penalties. Unlike criminal penalties that require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, civil cases can be proven by a lower burden, which requires a fact-finder to determine that the defendant “more likely than not” caused the plaintiff’s injuries. If a plaintiff is successful in their case against a defendant, they may receive compensation for past medical bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, and even for the pain and suffering they experienced as a result of the accident. To learn more, call a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland DUI Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious or fatal Maryland DUI accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. However, recovering financially after a DUI accident may be more complicated than it initially seems, especially when the insurance companies get involved. Issues that seemed cut-and-dry can become long, drawn-out arguments unless they are effectively dealt with from the inception of the case by an experienced attorney. To learn more, and to speak with a dedicated attorney about your case, call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free consultation. Calling is free, and there is no obligation to move forward with your case.

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