Recall of Over 1 Million Baby Slings by Infantino Following Three Infant Deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Infantino LLC are recalling over 1 million baby slings following the deaths of three infants. The victims are a 7-week baby, a 3-month-old infant, and a 6-day-old newborn. All three child fatalities occurred last year. Consumers should stop using the baby slings as soon as possible.

The recall comes two weeks after the CPSC issued a warning to parents and guardians about the importance of using the sling carriers correctly. 11 other deaths have been linked to the baby slings in the last two decades. Yet, despite an earlier warning by Consumer Reports of the hazards posed by using a baby sling, many consumers remain unaware that these “hip” child carriers can cause suffocation injuries and deaths.

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Baby Slings as Suffocation Hazard

Because newborns are unable to control their heads yet, an infant may not be able to turn away should the sling’s fabric end up covering the mouth and nose. When the baby’s breathing is blocked in this way, suffocation can take no more than a couple of minutes. Or, if the baby is curled up in such a way that the chin is bent into the chest, oxygen might have a hard time getting through the airways, resulting in slow suffocation.

Earlier this year, the CPSC added infant slings to the list of infant products that need to have mandatory standards.

In the wake of today’s recall, replacements are being offered to consumers for the Infantino “Wendy Bellisimo” and the “SlingRider” baby slings. Consumers can choose between the a Wrap & Tie infant carrier, a 3 in 1 Grow & Play Activity Gym, or the 2 in 1 Shopping Cart Cove.

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