Roller Coaster in Maryland Stalls, Trapping 24 People 75-Feet in the Air for Four Hours

Earlier this month at Six Flags America, a roller coaster stalled in mid-air, trapping those aboard for four hours while emergency crews tried to reach them and bring them to safety. According to a report by US News and World Report, the “Joker Jinx” came to a complete stop just before reaching its highest point. The riders were stuck on the coaster 75 feet in the air.

According to a Six Flags spokesperson, the roller coaster has a sophisticated safety system in place that stops the ride whenever there is any safety concern. Therefore, the ride didn’t technically break down but stalled to prevent an unsafe situation. As far as Six Flags is concerned, there was no breach of safety, and the riders were never in danger. However, it probably didn’t feel that way for the two dozen people on the ride at the time.

Luckily, no one was hurt, even though it was a hot day and the riders were stuck in the sun for hours. Emergency crews were able to climb up the coaster and take down all the riders before anyone suffered any serious adverse condition.

The ride was closed after the event and remains closed pending the result of an investigation into why the coaster stalled.

Keeping Riders Safe

Amusements parks can be dangerous places, even when rides are working properly. However, when a ride malfunctions, the chance of something going wrong skyrockets. Although Six Flags has a fairly good track record when it comes to ride safety, the occasional human or mechanical error can jeopardize riders’ lives.

Thankfully, no one was harmed in this month’s incident at Six Flags America. However, that will not always be the case when a roller coaster malfunctions. Had there been serious injuries or even a death, Six Flags may have been liable for the accident, depending on the circumstances.

Business owners who invite customers onto their land owe those customers a duty to maintain safe premises. If there is a hazard on the business owner’s property that poses a threat to the public or a customer, the business owner must warn them that the hazard exists. When a business owner negligently maintains its premises and an injury occurs as a result, it can be held liable in a Maryland court of law.

Have You Been Injured While on Another’s Property?

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