Safe Kids Worldwide Says Maryland is Number 12 in State Rankings of Unintentional Child Injuries and Deaths During Summers

A new study recently released by Safe Kids Worldwide says that Maryland is number 12 out of all 50 states and D.C. in a new ranking report of children’s unintentional injury deaths during the summer. The report is called The Safe Kids U.S. Summer Safety Ranking Report.

Maryland’s unintentional injury-related death rate over a five year period was 2.42 children/100,000 kids. The summer season is known as “trauma season” to emergency personnel, since the number of serious injuries and preventable deaths involving children rises drastically during this time.

Vermont, ranked in the report as the number one state, leads the country with 1.63 children for every 100,000 children dying in an unintentional incident during the summertime. New Jersey was # 2 in the rankings. D.C. ranked #3, New York is #4, and Delaware is #5.

According to the report, 17 children a day (2,143 total) died from May –August 2004 because of preventable injuries. 2.4 million children ended up in the emergency room because of unintentional injuries, with many of these injuries resulting in paralysis, brain damage, and other major disabilities.

In another Safe Kids Worldwide study, the five most common causes of children’s injury deaths that can be prevented include:

— Drowning (increases 89 percent in the summer over the annual monthly
— Biking (increases 45 percent)
— Falls (increases 21 percent)
— Motor vehicle passenger injuries (increases 20 percent)

— Pedestrian injuries (increases 16 percent)

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