Sample Of Designation Of Expert Witnesses Document Requesting Physician To Testify On Behalf Of Plaintiff Injured In Car Accident

If you are the plaintiff in a personal injury suit, you may need to ask a medical expert to testify as a witness on your behalf. This person can verify the extent of your injuries and testify for you in court. Below, we have included a sample of a document that we filed in Circuit Court where we designated a particular physician as an expert witness for our client, the plaintiff, who was injured in a car accident. We have redacted the names of the individuals involved for purposes of confidentiality.

Download Sample Of Designation Of Expert Witnesses Document

This document was filed by the Maryland-based personal injury lawfirm of Lebowitz and Mzhen.

In addition to having expert witnesses who can verify the extent of your injuries, it is also important that you document the extent of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding your auto accident. Remember to be as specific as possible when writing down information. These notes can prove invaluable when it is time to decide how much you should demand for compensation.

Take Notes On:

1)Accident Details
– What you were doing at the time of the accident
-Where you were going
– Time of the accident and what the weather was like
– Detailed account of the accident itself
– Names and contact information of people involved in the accident
-Names and contact information of witnesses
2)Your Injuries

– Daily notes regarding any pain and discomfort caused by your injury (include loss of sleep, anxiety, stress)

3) Economic or other loss incurred as a result of the accident
– loss of income
– loss of job opportunities
– loss of social life
– loss of vacation time
-Write down the date, time, and contents of every conversation you have about your accident or claim with the other party, witnesses, adjusters, insurance representatives, police, or with medical personnel.

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