Sample Of Interrogatories Form Filed In Nursing Home Negligence Case

Interrogatories are written questions sent to the opposing party in a personal injury lawsuit. Like a deposition, an interrogatory gives each side the opportunity to pose questions to the opposing party. Although the party who is served the interrogatory does not have to appear in court to respond, they are required to respond to the questions in writing as if they were under oath and under penalty of perjury.

In the state of Maryland, each party in a personal injury lawsuit can serve up to thirty interrogatories to the opposing side.

Below is a sample of an interrogatory that we, the personal injury law firm of Lebowitz and Mzhen, filed in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County on behalf of our client, the plaintiff, who fell down a stairwell while staying at a nursing home facility. We have redacted the names of those involved for purposes of confidentiality.

Download The Interrogatories Form Filed In A Nursing Home Negligence Case.

According to

-Over 1.6 million Americans receive nursing home care.

-30 % of all nursing home care facilities commit an act of medical malpractice against their patients each year.

Nursing homes are required to care for each patient in a way that takes into account their individual needs. Each patient’s care program must include a plan that makes sure that the following injuries are prevented:

-Slip and fall-related injuries
-Injuries caused by unnecessary physical or chemical restraint

Each year, thousands of senior citizens are abused, neglected, and exploited in nursing homes and other elder care facilities.

If you are a concerned relative or friend of an elderly person that you believe is suffering from nursing home abuse or nursing home negligence in the State of Maryland or the Washington, D.C. area, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact Jack Lebowitz or Vadim Mzhen by e-mail or toll free at 1-888-311-HURT (4878) to set up a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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