Scott Peterson Wrongful Death Civil Trial to Proceed

Scott Peterson, the man convicted of murdering his wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son Connor Peterson, will have to stand trial again—this time for a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by Laci’s parents.

The ruling to have the trial go forward was made by a Stanislaus County Superior Court judge who said that Peterson’s conviction and death sentence could not speak for themselves. The plaintiffs in the wrongful death case are Laci’s parents, Dennis Rocha and Sharon Rocha.

The judge has stayed his ruling until June 23 so Peterson’s lawyers can appeal. Peterson, who is in San Quentin Prison, maintains that he did not kill his pregnant wife.

Laci’s body and Connor’s fetus were found in the East Bay nearly five months after she disappeared on Christmas Eve in 2002. Her parents, who initially sued for $25 million, are now asking for unspecified damages.

Although Peterson does not have the money to pay a large lawsuit, Laci’s parents want to make sure that he doesn’t make any money if he decides to sell his story. The murder of Laci and Connor had shocked the nation and books have been written and TV movies made about their killings. Sharon Rocha’s attorney says that Peterson can end the lawsuit if he agrees to a judgment of at least $10 million.

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Scott Peterson likely faces second trial in wrongful death case,, June 6, 2008

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