Six-Year-Old Girl In Hit-and-Run Accident Becomes 10th Pedestrian Fatality in D.C. for 2007

A $10,000 reward is being offered by the Metropolitan Police Department for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver of a green SUV that struck and killed six-year-old Crysta Marie Spencer as she crossed 6th Street, NE, near Orleans Place on Monday. Witnesses say Spencer was knocked out of her shoes and thrown into the air after being hit. The driver then ran over her.

Stop signs and a temporary speed bump have been installed at the intersection where she died.

On Wednesday, the District Department of Transportation and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association launched the “Pace Car Program.” Drivers joining the program sign a written pledge to drive at the speed limit, which is 25 mph in most of the District.

According to Jim Sebastian, a DDOT coordinator, a victim struck be a motor vehicle has a greater chance of survival that if the vehicle had been moving at 25 mph instead of 40.

Some statistics and facts regarding injuries related to child pedestrians:

* In 2002, 599 children ages 14 and under died from pedestrian injuries.

* Of these, 460 died in motor vehicle-related traffic crashes.

* The majority of child pedestrian deaths and injuries are traffic-related. Although pedestrian injuries are not as common as motor vehicle occupant injuries, a disproportionate number of the injuries sustained by child pedestrians are severe.

* Children ages 14 and under are more likely to suffer pedestrian injuries in areas with high traffic volume, a higher number of parked vehicles on the street, higher posted speed limits, no divided highways, few pedestrian-control devices and few alternative play areas.

* Child pedestrian injuries occur more often in residential areas and on local roads that are straight, paved, and dry.

Enforcement of traffic laws, including apprehension of hit-and-run drivers, is effective in reducing traffic-related pedestrian death and injury.

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