Toddler Dies in Maryland Entanglement Accident Involving Drapery Cord

A 2-year-old boy has died after becoming entangled in a drapery cord in his Damascus, Maryland home. Thapelo Andre Kwofie’s parents found him unconscious at around 3pm. They administered CPR to him before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after his arrival at Shady Grove Hospital.

Montgomery County, Maryland police are investigating the tragic accident.

Window Cord-Strangulation Accidents

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about one child (7 months to age 10) dies and another is nearly strangled in window-cord strangulation accidents every year. Window cords for blinds and drapes are considered a strangulation hazard for kids.

Young kids can easily get entangled in either the inner cords for raising blinds or pull cords. The cord can form a loop around the child’s neck that can cause strangulation.

Drapery cords that cause serious injury or death can be grounds for suing the drapery maker for products liability. Product manufacturers are supposed to make sure their products do not pose an injury hazard to anyone. An experienced Maryland products liability lawyer can help you determine whether you have grounds for an injury case.

Just last August, the CPSC recalled some 5.5 million window shades and blinds following several reports of child strangulation deaths and injuries.

Other products that have been known to cause strangulation injury or death to kids:

• Cribs
• Strollers
• Clothing with drawstrings
• Toys or infant products that come with cords or strings

Strangulation injuries can also result in traumatic brain injuries for those who survive.

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