Truck Accident Involving School Bus and Pick-Up Truck Leaves One Dead

Drivers share the road with all types of vehicles, ranging from smaller sedans to pick-up trucks, motorcycles, buses, and more. Because vehicles range in size, length, the number of passengers that they can safely hold, and safety features, it can be hard to predict exactly how much damage may result from an accident. In addition, the conditions of the road, the negligence or recklessness of drivers, and other factors all contribute to the level of harm that may result from a truck accident. In addition, changes in seasons can alter the type of vehicles we commonly see on the road, including whether there are many school buses on the road. According to National Safety Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school bus-related accidents killed 54 people nationwide in 2020.

In a recent news report from South Carolina, a two-car crash resulted in the death of the driver of a pick-up truck. A school bus was hit by a Chevrolet Silverado that was heading southbound. Seven students were on the bus and no other injuries were reported. Local authorities are investigating the accident further, and fault had not yet been established.

Both trucks and buses can range in size and are often times larger in length and weight. These are often heavier-weight vehicles, requiring that their drivers be equipped with the knowledge and skill needed to safely maneuver the vehicle. These two types of vehicles share a similarity in that it can be difficult in some situations for the drivers of these vehicles to see in their blind spots. Blind spots are essentially the areas that a driver is unable to see when looking in their mirrors or when they turn their head to check their surroundings. In addition, poor weather conditions, obstruction by the sun, passengers or even objects can also add to obstructing a driver’s view.

How Do You Determine Fault in Maryland Truck Accident Cases?

Because Maryland is a fault-based state, the driver who is found to be negligent will have to pay for damages using their vehicle insurance. Also, Maryland follows a pure contributory negligence doctrine, which means that if a driver contributed in any manner to the cause of the accident, that driver will be barred from recovering damages. This means that it can be tricky when considering what your chances of recovering damages might be, and is one of the many reasons we recommend connecting with an experienced Maryland lawyer.

Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident in Maryland?

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