Victims of 2005 Firehouse Shooting File Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit

Two people that sustained injuries during a 2005 shooting outside the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company banquet hall where a party was taking place are suing Anne Arundel County, the shooter, the party organizer, and the Odenton volunteers for personal injury. The plaintiffs are Erica Williams, who was struck by a motor vehicle as she fled from the scene, and Delvin Eldrige, who sustained a gunshot wound. They are seeking $7 million for their personal injuries.

Williams and Eldrige are accusing party organizer Temika Young of failing to provide sufficient security for party guests on September 10, 2005. Three of Young’s private security guards faced weapon and drug charges following the shooting.

The plaintiffs are accusing shooter Terrance Carlester Medley of recklessness. They also say the volunteer fire company and Anne Arundel County were negligent of premises liability when, according to the complaint, they did not keep the premises safe and “failed to investigate the purpose and extent of said party.” The plaintiffs say the fire department created a further hazard when they shut down the building’s lights following the shooting and tried to block the exits.

Medley, who was convicted of attempted second-degree murder, is serving 18 years in prison. His BAC following the shooting was .28%, which is 3.5 times the legal limit that people are allowed to have when driving in Maryland.

This was not the first altercation at the banquet hall that year. A fight broke out there on March 27, 2005 and a stabbing occurred just 13 days prior. Blank license applications to parties had also been issued.

Williams and Eldrige are asking for $1 million from Young, $4 million from Medley, $1 million from the Odenton Volunteers, and $1 million from Anne Arundel County.

Injured parties that are hurt on another persons property may be entitled to personal injury compensation if they were the victims of a crime that occurred on the premise. This is known as a premises liability case. If you suffered injuries in Maryland or Washington DC that you believe were caused by another party’s negligence, you should speak with a Maryland personal injury law firm immediately.

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