Arnold Man Convicted of Hindering Cop Who Shot Him Plans to File Anne Arundel County Personal Injury Lawsuit

An Arnold man who was shot by police during an altercation at his home last July plans to file an Anne Arundel County police brutality lawsuit. Michael A. Housley was acquitted by a jury of the charge that he assaulted police officers and other related charges. He was, however, found guilty of two counts of obstructing a police officer. The 52-year-old defendant plans to seek a new trial.

On July 12, three cops were asked by Anne Arundel Medical Center to go to his home to check on Housley’s wife, Leah Housley, who left the center even though doctors hadn’t discharged her yet. Housley had taken her there because he was worried that had taken too much prescription medication. The couple says that they went home several hours after she was admitted because she was feeling better.

When the police officers arrived at their residence, Housley refused let them in without paperwork and contacted 911. Meantime, Leah told the officers she would come out but that she needed to place the family dog in the bathroom first.

The police officers forced their way into the Housley’s home by kicking in a glass kitchen door. They then subdued Michael, who was unarmed, with a Taser and pepper spray. When he brandished a chair at a police officer, he was then shot in the shoulder and neck. Michael was treated at Shock Trauma for his injuries.

Excessive Use of Police Force

Police must never use excessive force without just cause. If you suspect that your injuries were caused by unjustified use of police force, you may have grounds for a Maryland injury lawsuit.

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