Consumer Product Safety Commission Reports Increase In Nursery Products-Related Infant Deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a report that states the number of infant deaths (children under age 5) involving nursery products have increased significantly.

According to the CPSC, 66,400 children were seriously hurt in nurseries in 2006. The number of infant injuries involving nursery products in 200t was 59,800.

The report did not take into account injuries in 2007 when more than one million Simplicity bassinets and cribs were recalled. At least 4 infants died because of the defective infant beds. The Chicago Tribune conducted an investigation that found that CPSC and Simplicity had known that defective infant crib parts and improper installation could lead to suffocation, even death.

The CPSC report cited a number of Infant products associated with infant injuries, including:

• Cribs
• Bassinets
• Strollers
• Infant carriers
• Car seats
• High chairs
• Walkers

Sometimes the cause of the injuries has been a defective product or product failure. Falls were also a leading cause of injuries. 42% of the injuries sustained by infants were head injuries.

Toys have also come under fire as a cause of serious injuries or deaths affecting children of all ages. Last year, 25 million toys were recalled because of defective product concerns.

In the event that your child was injured because of a defective product, the instructions that came with the product was incomplete or unclear, or the product did not come with a failure to warn of potential injuries or hazards, one of our Maryland or Washington D.C. lawyers would be happy to discuss your case during a free consultation.

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