8-Year-Old Boy Sustains Serious Injuries in Maryland Bicycle Accident

A young bicyclist sustained a head injury and leg fractures when he was injured in a Maryland bicycle accident in Washington County on August 30. 8-year-old David Greeley, a 3rd grader at Fountain Rock Elementary School, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC where he underwent several surgery and received a number of blood transfusions.

The Maryland bicycle crash occurred in the early evening. Reports indicate that the driver, Fairplay resident Meghann Marie Weaver, was going over the crest of a hill when she hit the boy. The 21-year-old motorist is charged with reckless driving, driving at a speed greater than reasonable, and negligent driving.

Greeley’s family is asking for donations to help pay for the costly medical care he has received and will likely need.

According to researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

• More than half of the 85 million cyclists in the US are minors.
• About 10,700 children are hospitalized/year for about 3 days for injuries they sustained during bicycle accidents.
• The child recreational sport that results in the most ER visits each year is bicycle riding.

• 1/3rd of child bicycle accident victims suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

Sending your child out into the world on their own at any age is never easy. It can be especially devastating if your son or daughter was injured in a Maryland bicycle accident because a driver was negligent, careless, made a mistake, or wasn’t paying attention.

The medical costs for surgery, physical therapy, and other recovery services can be daunting—especially when coping with your child’s pain and suffering, as well as your own.

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